Mumbai Mudrak Sangh: Empowering Printers Since 1956

Mumbai Mudrak Sangh: Committed To The Future Of The Print Industry
More than Fifty years, ago, an Association of printers was formed. The name: Mumbai Mudrak Sangh (MMS).

The primary aim of MMS was to co-ordinate, motivate, innovate, improve, expand and elevate the state of the industry. MMS hoped to achieve this through meaningful mobilization of the printer’s abilities towards achieving excellence and creating mutual trust.

MMS was fortunate to have many stalwarts from the printing industry as their Presidents. They built the reputation of MMS as a principal organization in the city of Mumbai which protected the interests of printers and this legacy is being carried on by incoming Presidents every year.

In order to have a close relationship with printers’ providers, MMS broad-based its membership. Not just that. With a view to help printers in Navi Mumbai, MMS opened its arms wider.

Today, MMS is affiliated to the Maharashtra Mudran Parishad (MMP) and is an important constituent of it. MMS has organized seven MMP conferences including the Silver Jubilee conference. Above all, MMS has supported MMP to initiate Panvel Printing Institute at Panvel by donating Rupees Twelve Lakhs (Rs 12,00,000) from the proceeds of two conferences held in Mumbai in the year 1988 and 1993.

MMS is a key participant in the working of the All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) and attends Governing Council meetings and conferences. MMS’ representatives have been elected office bearers of AIFMP.

MMS is very particular about the needs of its members and renders many useful services. Knowledge based Seminars are held and expert advice is given to the members by various experts on the panel of MMS. These range from Sales Tax Consultants, Insurance experts, software experts just to name a few.

MMS’ popular magazine, Print Bulletin is published monthly and distributed to all members free of cost. The Bulletin comprises comments on current affairs and technology trends which are relevant to the printing industry like economics, personality profiles, current labor laws and articles by eminent authors and personalities.

Regular industrial visits are arranged and organized with ink, plate and paper manufacturers to keep the members abreast of the latest developments.
More so, get togethers to facilitate fellowship amongst the printers are also organized periodically.

Thus MMS has established itself as a premier Association in the printing industry; and occupies a vital position in the landscape of Mumbai.

Since 2004, MMS has hosted the Printers Day Celebrations on 24th February. Every year on 24th February MMS honors the Lifetime Achievement Award to the most deserving printer from India. This event has acquired a unequivocal branding among the print fraternity across the length and breadth of India. MMS invites prominent speakers and industry representatives to deliberate on key policy matters, as well as technology issues which govern our industry.

This is just the beginning…

Journey of MMS

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"The printing press is the greatest weapon in the armoury of the modern commander"

T. E. Lawrence